Christine Lewis Photography is lifestyle portraits and fine art prints in Chattanooga, TN

About Christine

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. Nom.

Phobias: Heights, haunted houses, walking on manhole covers in the sidewalk, the sound of clipping nails (ok, maybe that's just an extreme annoyance).

Nickname: Teeney! I don't usually introduce myself that way, because I get funny looks, but I've been called Teeney for as long as I can remember.

Hidden Talent: I play the fiddle! Yes, fiddle.

Why Photography? I was raised with a camera in my face at every significant (and insignificant) event, so photography is in my blood. I always took very different photographs than the rest of my family. I liked to take pictures of bridges, barns, railroad tracks, dead trees, and abandoned buildings with my little point-and-shoot camera. For Christmas in 2008, my husband gave me my first DSLR camera. It went straight from a minor interest to an obsession. I discovered I'm not the only one who found these things beautiful. This only fueled my fire. Along the way, I discovered lifestyle portraiture. You don't have to have cheesy, overly-posed portraits! There is nothing better than making a living doing something you love. I found that niche in photography.

What inspires you? My baby.  He's the cutest kid ever to exist! I'm not at all biased, either:) My home. I live in the beautiful countryside of Flat Top Mountain just north of Chattanooga, TN. We live on a cow farm and much of my inspiration for art prints and lifestyle portraits comes from the barns, fields, cows, and flowers I pass daily.

What's in your bag? I'm a Canon kinda girl. I shoot with my Canon 5D Mark iii, and my favorite lens is my Canon 24-70mm 2.8L.

Lifestyle Photo Shoots

What areas do you serve for lifestyle photo shoots? I am available for on-site lifestyle portraits in the greater Chattanooga area (within 50 miles of zip code 37338). If you live outside one of those areas, just ask. I'd love to travel for you!

So...what exactly is lifestyle photography? Lifestyle photography is a photojournalistic approach to portraits that moves away from stilted, awkward poses. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a lifestyle is, "A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group." Lifestyle photography captures that: your personality, your relationships, that genuine smile and that look that you always give your kids. The pictures where you can almost hear your child cackling. I strive to capture the moments as they happen. The last thing I want to do is to tell you what to do and where to sit. I'd much rather you pretend I'm not there and let me tell the story of who you are. Keep an open mind and get creative. I'm always looking for new ideas! I don't want to do vanilla. I don't really even want to do chocolate. I really prefer The Pie Who Loved Me from the Cold Stone Creamery. If you're a biker, if you're a hippy, if you're a little bit country or a little bit rock'n'roll. I want to know what makes you unique! Messy kids, tattooed mommas, vintage scenes. Be who you are and do what you love. Relax. Let your kids play! Have fun. Be yourself. Trust me, the pictures will follow.

How much is a session and what is included? Click here for details!

Do you offer a CD of the images? How much are prints? Yes, I do! A full product list with prices can be found here.

Art Prints

What is your specialization? Landscapes are my first love, but I really do a little bit of everything. I can't imagine limiting myself to one type or genre. I like to stay open-minded enough to photograph whatever captivates me! I try to breathe new life into each of my images. I don't want to produce traditional (read: boring) snapshots of the same landmarks. I'm always looking for a fresh point of view. That could mean anything from creative composition, to vintage or HDR effects.

I'd love to buy art prints for my house, where can I purchase them? On this website, of course! But really there are lots of options. Click here for a full list.

There is something I want you to take a picture of for me! Will you do that? I'd love to work something out with you. Shoot me an email or give me a call so we can discuss our options!

Where else can I find you online? Follow my blog here, "Like" me on facebook, follow me on twitter, find me on Etsy, and follow me on Pinterest here!